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How Big Tent Do I Need For 175-200 People?

A 40 X 100 Tent is ideal. It will provide adequate room for a basic wedding. A 50 X 100 or a 60 X 90 is recommended for anything more than the basics. In the past, brides have told us they have no regrets going with a bigger tent.

When Will You Set The Tent For Us?

Weather permitting, we’ll set the tent Thursday of the wedding weekend. This usually allows our clients adequate time to decorate and ect. If you need more time, be sure to let us know. Our rental rate is figured per week.

Where are the Center Poles in the Tent?

Good question. This can be very important if you want to be specific on the layout. A 40 X 100 tent has a total of 4 center poles. They are spaced 20 feet apart down the center of the tent. These are 21 feet high. A 50 X 100 tent has 3 center poles. These are spaced 25 feet apart and they are 24 feet high. A 60 X 90 tent is a twin pole tent. It has two rows of center poles. These are spaced every 30 feet the long way and every 20 feet the short way. These are 24 feet high as well. Click for a photo of the center poles.

Can I Over-book and Then Still only Pay for what I Use?

Yes. We recommend booking the maximum amount you think you will be needing and then confirming the actual amount by calling us one week before the event. If your goal is to have 170 people but you think you might end up having 200, by all means, reserve enough for that.

Do You Require a Deposit When Signing the Contract?

Yes. 30% deposit and then the balance is due when the tent is set. Ask us about a monthly payment plan.

Do You Provide the Table Cloths, Linens, Lights, Interior Decorating, ect.?

No. Here is a link to Unforgettable Events. Roxanne is great to work with and we like to refer her for wedding and parties.

Do You Set up the Chairs and Tables?

We’ll set the chairs and tables for a 25% fee based on the chairs/tables rental. We offer this service providing that you have a sketch or CAD drawing for us. The staff at JBM Tent Rentals will take care of everything after the event. We like to clean them as we stack them so they are ready for the next rental.

Do we need to reserve Sidewalls or can we wait to see what the Weather is going to be like?

If you want the sidewalls with the windows (French Window) we recommend that you reserve them. We have a limited supply of those. But don’t worry. We have enough solid sidewalls to go around every tent we have. This means you can call the day before and still get solid sidewalls.

Are the Sidewalls included in the Price of the Tent?

No. Sidewalls are an additional fee.

How far do you Travel?

JBM Tent Rentals serves Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. From Bloomsburg and Williamsport to Harrisburg and York.

What is the difference Between a Pool Tent and a Frame Tent?

Frame tents are constructed using metal framework for the top and sides. They are great because they can be used on grass or asphalt with no center poles in the tent. This style is also perfect for areas that are unlevel because the legs supporting the frame can be adjusted to different heights. The floor plan can accommodate several designs. The frame tents require staking to hold them in place, but in some instances they can be held down using weights. The pole tents are supported by the center poles and by tension achieved through staking it to the ground. Although there are center poles, you don’t have the frame work and as a result it is completely white underneath with a sleek swoop appearance. This style of tent must be stacked and cannot be weighted.

How many people sit at one table?

6′ rectangle table – 6 (3 on each side)
60″ round – 8

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