JBM Tent Rentals offers tents in pole and frame styles that come in a variety of sizes. Depending on your structural and occupancy needs, we can help you select the best tent for your event. Contact us today at 717-365-3043  

Pole Tents
15 & 20
30 Wide 40 Wide 50 Wide 60 Wide 80 Wide
15x15 30x30 40x40 50x50 60x60 80x70
20x20 30x45 40x60 50x75 60x80 80x90
20x30 30x60 40x80 50x100 60x90 80x100
20x50 30x75 40x100 50x125 60x110 80x120
40x120 50x150 60x120 80x130
40x140 60x140 80x150
40x160 60x150 80x160
40x180 60x170 80x180
40x200 80x200


Frame Tents
10x10 20x30 30x30
10x20 20x40 30x40
10x30 20x50 30x50
10x40 20x60 30x60
15x15 20x70 30x70
15x20 20x80 30x80
15x30 20x90 30x90
20x20 20x100 30x100