Pole Tents

 30 X 60 Tent for a Wedding in Klingerstown PA Horse Progress Days Lancaster County  40 X 240 Pole Tent, Gap PA  40 X 60 Pole Tent in Northumberland PA  
40 X 100 Wedding set near Mifflinburg PA  60 X 150 Inside View  60 X 90 Wedding in Sunbury PA  20 X 50 Backyard Party in Lykens 
 Horse Progress Days, Lancaster County  60 X 150 Tent for a Benefit Sale in Ickesburg PA 50 X 100 At the Polo Field, Mechanicsburg PA  Susquehanna University, Selingsgrove PA 

30 X 60 Tent for a Wedding in Klingerstown PA

Frame Tents

20 X 20 Frame Tent set near Klingerstown PA   20 X 20 Used for a Stage, Fort Hunter Park, Harrisburg PA 20 X 60 At Fort Hunter Park.   30 X 30 At the Ned Smith Center 
 Geisinger Hospital, Danville PA  Geisinger Hospital, Danville PA Geisinger Hospital, Danville PA   Various sizes that we put up to fit the clients' backyard.


Chairs and Tables

 Cocktail Table Fanback Chairs   Fanback Chairs Fanback Chairs 
 Fanback Chairs  Fanback Chairs Fanback chairs with two 6' tables.   Padded Chairs


Dance Floor

 Dance Floor Dance Floor   Dance Floor