2013 Jazz Festival in Fort Hunter Park
Allow JBM Tent Rentals to provide you with the perfect tent for your special occasion. We’ve helped countless individuals not only select the right tent for their event but we've also offered related products to accommodate their guests. Over the years we’ve come to recognize our clients’ needs for things like chairs, tables, a dance floor and other items to help their guests feel comfortable. 

Whether you’re an event planner or hosting the event yourself, we’d enjoy the opportunity to consult with you, understand your needs, and provide you with the items to make your event a successful one.




40 X 60 Pole Tent and 20 X 20 Frame Tent

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our tents and related rental items. We look forward to meeting you and fulfilling your special event needs.  Please feel free to contact us today at 717-365-3043 with any questions or comments regarding our services.  Click here for more chairs and table photos.

PLEASE NOTE: All tents are meant as temporary shelter and must be evacuated under extreme weather conditions. Tents are NOT guaranteed, 100% waterproof.

If you need to mow the grass, we recommend doing so the day before the setting date. This allows the grass blades to dry up instead of sticking to everything and being a nuisance. 

1) LOCATION – After the proper tent size and style (frame tent vs. a pole tent) has been determined, choose a desirable location for tent.
a. The minimum area required for a pole tent is 8' in length and width more than the actual tent size. This allows enough room around all sides for stakes. (Example: A 40' x 60' POLE tent requires a minimum of 48' x 68')
b. The minimum area required for a FRAME tent is approximately 1’ around the perimeter when staking and 6’ around the perimeter when using water barrels.

2) UNDERGROUND – It is the renter’s responsibility to locate all possible underground utilities that could be located in or around specified area
a. Utilities could include, but not limited to water, gas, electric, telephone, sewage, etc.
b. If any utilities lay underground of the specified area, THEY MUST BE MARKED.
c. If you have any doubts or questions about any underground utilities, contact us and we will contact PA ONE to do a site check on your property.

3) OVERHEAD – Visually check the specified area for any and all overhead obstructions that could possibly be in the area of the erected tent top.
a. This includes tree limbs, branches, basketball rims, power lines, etc.
b. Our 30 wide pole tents are 18' high, 40 wide are 21'high, and 50 wide and 60 wide are 24' high.

4) SURFACE – Surface is also an important issue in determining the proper type of anchor. Listed below are the 3 main types of surface conditions and the standard methods of anchoring,
a. Grass: Staked
b. Asphalt: Staked or Weighted
(Secret filler available to patch holes)
c. Concrete : Concrete Anchors or Weighted