Meet the Owners

John Zook started JBM Tent Rentals in 2006. He was looking for something to do as a side job with his own boys. They started out with 4 tents and were running the new operation out of their garage. Before long, John realized the potential in the new company so they purchased more tents, moved into a brand new facility they had built next to his home, and even bought out a small tent company.

Today JBM Tent Rentals has over 80 tents ranging in size from 10 X 10 up to 60 X 170.

John pursued his dreams a kept it a family owned and operated business. The crew consists of John, his wife Mary, the three boys Benuel, Melvin, and Emanuel, his nephew Elam, and their friend Curtis helps out on the busy days. 

Before starting his own company, John worked as a manager at an Onions Cutting facility.    

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